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Mar 31, 2023

We’re live once again from Talent Acquisition Week, and in this episode, we are joined by Chloé Rada, a Global Talent Acquisition Operations and Talent Attraction Leader. Chloé is here to share some nuggets of wisdom about the talent world with us. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about the future plans that she has for her career, the responsibility she places on herself in her role and why listening to people is imperative in the talent acquisition space. Our guest is passionate about data, and today, she shares what kind of data you need for hiring, who can help you access that data, and what her process of creating goals around that data entails. 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing our guest, Chloé Rada. 

  • What’s on Chloé’s mind currently, and what is next for her in her career. 

  • What Chloé believes her role is as a talent acquisition leader. 

  • How she goes about coaching people to interview effectively. 

  • How Chloé builds rapport with people by showing them all of her professional layers. 

  • The importance of listening and gaining an understanding of a business and its people. 

  • Why not fitting into a company is a learning opportunity. 

  • The questions she likes to ask during interviews to determine whether candidates are a good fit. 

  • Why not having access to labor and market data is disadvantageous.

  • The importance of reeducation and training as a talent acquisition leader. 

  • Why you have to rely on your partners to help you make use of the right data. 

  • How to improve your hiring abilities through benchmarking. 

  • Why Chloé always starts with data before creating goals and trying to improve. 

  • Chloé leaves us with the best career advice she has ever received. 




“I think people need to be heard!” — @crada [0:06:17]


“I always try to strive and improve and be my best self and bring my best self wherever I go.” — @crada [0:08:12]


“Some organizations are not necessarily resistant to change but they don’t know how to see change through.” — @crada [0:08:19]


“Always be curious and surround yourself with smart people.” — @crada [0:17:23]


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