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Aug 29, 2018

Jacqui and Rob discuss how Greenhouse will put it's recent funding towards hiring, how to conduct impactful (and well-attended) interview training, eliminating technical skill bias in culture interviews, and the three different buckets her KPIs fit into.

Aug 16, 2018

Uber's Head of Engineering Recruitment, Craig Campbell, explains his team's process of ensuring inclusivity by assessing for it in the interview stage.

Aug 15, 2018

Becky discusses how to manage internal candidate mobility in terms of bias and candidate experience, why "slate interviewing" is better than "iterative interviewing", and what her new Recruiting Ops team is responsible for. Rob has a lukewarm take on coconuts.

Aug 1, 2018

CreativeMarket CTO Chris Winn explains how their company has grown to be comprised of 2/3rds remote workers, as well as how to hire them and train hiring managers to best lead them.