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Jun 29, 2022

Today on Talk Talent To Me, we are joined by the founder of Metaview, Siadhal Magos. Metaview trains their clients to become better interviewers through providing transcripts of the interviews and giving feedback on their skills. Tuning in, you’ll hear some examples of the feedback they will give, their ‘gold...

Jun 27, 2022

Today, we chat with VP of Talent Acquisition for Global Business Solutions at Fiserv, Bryan Schreiber. Bryan walks us through how recruitment has changed over the years, whilst still remaining true to a single core philosophy: Building relationships. We get to understand that the more honest a company is and the more...

Jun 24, 2022

NBCUniversal's VP of Global TA Suzan Vulaj & Shutterstock's VP of TA Valerie Vadala join Rob LIVE from the Canary Club in New York City to kick off Talk Talent To Me's 2022 Roadshow.

Jun 17, 2022


Today we are joined by VP of People and Talent at Robust Intelligence, Riffat Jaffer. Listening to Riffat tell the story of her career journey and her 15 years of experience in the industry, we begin to understand what has cultivated her immense passion for talent acquisition and employee experience.  Along the way,...

Jun 13, 2022

TA Manager Erica Schroen joins to discuss her role at Sysco Labs, how the larger Sysco ecosystem supports her talent team, and how she's charting her recruiting career growth.

Key Points From This Episode:


  • A welcome to today’s guest, Erica Schroen
  • COVID-created work dynamics and tips on making friends in your 30s.