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Sep 29, 2021

In today’s episode of Talk Talent to Me, we are joined by Maria Molin, Head of People at Mavenoid. Maria breaks down her history in recruitment and how her interest in AI learning led her to join Mavenoid. We delve into Mavenoid’s ambitious growth targets, how that has affected employer branding, and unpack some of the methods that Mavenoid has been using to drive hiring outcomes. Maria discusses some of the exciting things that Mavenoid has been doing to foster connection between colleagues during remote work and how they are supporting their hybrid working needs. Hear about Mavenoid’s Unlimited Books policy as well as other ways that they are facilitating skills growth for their employees. Later we take a look at Mavenoid’s approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and some of the steps they’re taking to increase representation, including partnering with Pink Programming to recruit women in STEM.

Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing today's guest Maria Molin, Head of People at Mavenoid.
  • Maria’s history in recruitment and how she joined Mavenoid.
  • Maria’s many duties as Head of People at Mavenoid.
  • The high rate of growth at Mavenoid and some of the campaigns that are driving hiring outcomes.
  • Some of the online remote activities that Mavenoid has been doing for their employees.
  • How Mavenoid is helping their employees find the balance between remote and in-person work.
  • Surveys and other methods Mavenoid has been using to gauge the needs of their employees with regards to remote work.
  • How Maria makes decisions on what to prioritize as Head of People.
  • The various ways that Mavenoid allows their employees to learn and grow in their skills.
  • The Unlimited Books policy at Mavenoid and why Maria loves it.
  • Mavenoid’s generous stipend for employees to pursue learning opportunities.
  • How Maria is approaching growing her skills and interests.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Mavenoid and the steps they are taking to increase representation.
  • How Mavenoid is measuring and holding itself accountable to its DE&I goals.




“Even though we hire a lot of new people, I get so happy every time I read what made someone join Mavenoid.” — Maria Molin [0:08:08]


“We also have an unlimited books policy, which a lot of us love. So, essentially, if you buy a pile of books, and you want to take three days off to just like be in your hammock and read your book, you can do that.” — Maria Molin [0:16:17]


“We're also connecting with more female coding schools to reach out to women. There are a lot of women studying STEM right now and I think it's an amazing opportunity to connect with women and get them into the industry.” — Maria Molin [0:22:25]


“The percentage of women in the company has grown a lot, and I would say also working remotely, it's a great opportunity to bring in people from different backgrounds, and that is something that we're really aiming for in all the roles that we're recruiting for.” — Maria Molin [0:23:52]


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