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Aug 23, 2022

Does hyper-growth seem scary, unattainable, and destined for disaster? Well, today we are joined by Head of TA Lisa Hyder to tell us how she manages to successfully achieve hyper-growth within Hopscotch Health. While drawing on her 15 years of experience, Lisa tells us about her personally developed recruitment tactics, her holistic and strategic approach to talent, and why she believes in the power of having a whole company lending a hand in the hiring process. From interviews, reviewing resumes, and jotting notes, to personally messaging candidates, Lisa tells us how (and why) we need to create and use a thorough interview, recruitment, and vetting process to ensure our companies are destined for success. Plus, we hear all about Lisa’s love for Excel spreadsheets and how she optimizes them to use for just about everything!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Lisa’s ‘fun but frantic’ approach to hyper-growth.
  • A look at the creation of De Novo clinics.
  • The recruitment culture at Hopscotch Health
  • Lisa’s positive experience with the Hopscotch hiring process. 
  • How Lisa structures a strict vetting interview process (and the answers she wants to hear). 
  • The power of social recruiting.
  • Lisa’s approach to talent and recruitment.
  • How recruiters can uplevel and develop themselves.
  • What hyper-growth means for a company.
  • The hyper-growth that has been taking place in Hopscotch Health.
  • The different trackers (spreadsheets) Hopscotch Health uses.
  • Hopscotch Health’s new innovation, integration, and technology investments.
  • Why you should personal message candidates, rather than simply email.




“Talent is marketing, it’s business development, it’s HR, it’s sales.”— Lisa Hyder [0:09:29]


“As [companies] grow, [they] need corporate positions to support that growth.” — Lisa Hyder [0:13:10]


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