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Jan 28, 2022

Joining us on today’s installment of Talk Talent to Me is Jack Kelly, senior contributor at Forbes Magazine, to share some accurate and well-formed insights into where we've come from as recruiters, where we're going, and the larger impact of some of the changes we're seeing in the industry right now. Jack kicks us off with a brief story of how his cat helps him write every day and the journey that landed him at Forbes, before diving into his role there, and the ways he intentionally chooses positive stories on innovation and wellbeing over the doom-and-gloom headlines that ensure clicks from readers. Hear his thoughts on automation and how it's taking away some very necessary human elements in the recruitment and interview space, as well as creating negative knock-on effects that can be overwhelming and demotivating. He then addresses the inadequate responses on the biggest issues that leadership is seeing right now, and reflects on some examples of current efforts to recruit people in this hot market. We also discuss the future of work as it pertains to employer-employee relationships, including hybrid work versus remote work, flexibility, and a phenomenon called over-employment. Finally, Jack reflects on what each generation group has dealt with over the last few years and what this could mean for the future. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Jack ended up at Forbes and how his cat helps him write. 
  • Living longer and a possible new podcast called Talk Mortality to Me.
  • The growth of Jack's role at Forbes due to his wealth of real-world perspectives.
  • What draws him to the stories he covers, and why he's in it for more than the clicks. 
  • Thoughts on modern interview processes, ghosting, and the HR tech industry as a whole.
  • The overwhelming knock-on effects of noise from the easy-apply process.
  • The big issues he sees when talking to C-level people.
  • Problems with acceptable practices in today's climate.
  • Discussing the pros and cons of giving feedback during the application process.
  • The pressures on the hiring manager and the pitfalls of hiring via consensus.
  • Hear Jack's thoughts on the “future of work” and employer-employee relationships.
  • Jack shares a fascinating blog that is revolutionizing remote working and job-juggling.
  • Reflections on what the different generations have dealt with in the last few years.




“An object in motion stays in motion. I'm a big believer in, you have to do things and get out there and try things, even if you fail, because each time you're going to learn and then you're going to be introduced to something else.” — @jackjaykelly [0:01:50]


“Even though it's against my own interest, I rather still try to bring some positivity into [the media], some happiness into it, to make people feel empowered.” — @jackjaykelly [0:10:02]


“In a way, if you're adding technology, you're taking away that human element that's so important, because it makes such a difference.” — @jackjaykelly [0:14:26]


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