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Mar 25, 2022

Apple Musni, Chipotle's VP People partner, shares her experience with tech-enabled nurturing, purpose-driven employment, employee retention strategies and much more for Chipotle's vast retail workforce.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Apple tells us about her background and how she ended up in her current role.
  • The current focus of Apple’s recruitment work.
  • Differences in recruiting for the corporate and retail side of businesses.
  • Why it is critical for tech-enabled nurturing of candidates for high-volume operations.
  • Some of the tools that Apple uses for her tech-enabled nurturing, such as an AI powered hiring platform.
  • The importance of understanding the next generation of work-force, for example millennials and Gen Z’s.
  • What effect the drop in labor participation rates has had on Chipotle.
  • Definition of what purpose-driven work ethic is and how this translates to modern recruitment strategies.
  • The resources that Apple thinks is important to make available to employees to ensure a nurturing environment and retention.
  • What is a four-by-four question with some examples.
  • The parallels that exist between corporate and retail recruiting.
  • Apple explains how she deals with retention of employees for the retail side of the business.
  • What the economic reality is of a long-term employee.
  • Apple shares how one can get involved in her line of work and what to expect.




“Experience has to be relevant, fast and simple but especially for the high-volume side of the house and so, making that experience automated and tech-enabled is really critical.” — @AppleMusni [0:07:08]


“I think it’s, how do you ensure that although technology enables, when they engage with that technology and/or a human being that their experience is connecting to our purpose of cultivating a better world.” — @AppleMusni [0:09:26]


“It’s understanding what that workforce needs today, whether it’s from how we recruit them such as social media, how we retain them through our employee value proposition and then how we continue to grow them through our leadership programs.” — @AppleMusni [0:11:15]


“There is always a synergy between the workforces in the restaurant as well as the support center because of our values.” — @AppleMusni [0:23:02]


“I think it starts with hiring employees who believe in what we do and then our purpose and then engaging them along the way.” — @AppleMusni [0:23:53]


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