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Apr 11, 2023

Companies that place people at the center of their business are more likely to make quality hires and maintain a cohesive work environment. Joining me today to explain how her company puts people first, is the Head of Recruiting at Calendly, Kelly Minella. After explaining Calendly’s ease of use and how it has helped simplify the lives of everyone who uses it, Kelly tells me about her professional background and how she ended up in her current role. We discuss how she knew that her CEO cared about prioritizing people, the in-house systems and processes that Calendly is focused on improving, the undeniable wonders of stop, start, continue, and how Kelly and her team have implemented this habit. Kelly expressed the importance of a talent team having a shared understanding, how the introduction of interview training has made Calendly better, why you should always be asking for and reviewing candidate feedback, and the plans that she has for the future of her career.    


Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome to the Head of Recruiting at Calendly, Kelly Minella.

  • What Calendly is all about, and how it’s helped Kelly in her daily work activities.

  • Why Calendly’s ease of use has been the key to its success. 

  • Kelly’s professional background and how she ended up at Calendly. 

  • When she first realized that Calendly’s CEO really cared about prioritizing people.   

  • What’s keeping her busy at work these days. 

  • The optimization of Calendly’s tech stack and improving its hiring partner experience.

  • The insight that Calendly’s engineering team gained after its systems were codified. 

  • The funnel-vision interviews that are needed for turning candidates into potential hires. 

  • Exploring the wonders of stop, start, continue, and how Kelly and her team have implemented this habit. 

  • How Kelly and her team go about sourcing content and their plans for a company intranet. 

  • Why a recruiting team needs to have a shared understanding. 

  • How Kelly introduced interview training to maintain a high level of candidate experience.   

  • The importance of reviewing candidate feedback. 

  • Kelly’s vision for the future of her career.  




“[Calendly] is such a time saver. I can’t even remember what it was like trying to schedule time with candidates without it. It is a wonderful product.” — Kelly Minella [02:41]


“I applied [to Calendly], and my first conversation was with our CEO, Tope Awotona, and it was fabulous. I remember calling my mom afterwards and being like, ‘Mom, that was special’. And the reason why, and why it has remained special, is how much priority he puts on people.” — Kelly Minella [06:53]


“The other thing we are focusing on is the hiring partner experience. We want to make sure that we are setting our hiring partners up for success.” — Kelly Minella [15:10]


“Interview training has made a huge impact on our quality of hire and the satisfaction of our hiring partners at Calendly.” — Kelly Minella [32:06]


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