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Dec 14, 2022

Here to talk tales of acquisition with me is Jodi Cohen, Director of Talent Acquisition at Tombras. We dive into her journey as a recruiter and how she ended up in-house at Tombras. She shares significant insights about the difference between working for an agency versus working in-house, how she brought urgency and speed to Tombras, and how she keeps moving quickly while putting processes in place. Jodi shares her thoughts on the roles and responsibilities of a director of talent acquisition, and why being hands-on is essential! We also discuss sending the no-update-update email and her thoughts on sending a rejection email. 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • What it looks like before everyone disappears for the holidays at Tombras.
  • Where Jodi is with the planning of 2023.
  • Jodi shares her journey as a recruiter.
  • More about her role as Director of Talent at Tombras.
  • How she transitioned from agency to in-house for Tombras.
  • Why she decided that going in-house was appealing and something she wanted to do.
  • Her experience in being in-house and how it differs from agency work. 
  • How she brought urgency and speed to Tombras.
  • Jodi talks about the different processes she implemented at Tombras.
  • How she keeps moving quickly while putting processes in place.
  • Her take on the role and responsibilities of the Director of Talent Acquisition. 
  • How she is trying to learn about what it means to be looking for a job in the current state of things.
  • Sending the no-update-update email and why it’s important.
  • We discuss a ChatGPT generated email.
  • We talk about rejection emails and how Jodi approaches them.
  • Her thoughts on when someone doesn’t send a rejection email.
  • Why you should put some responsibility on the candidate. 
  • Advice to people in the talent space as they figure out what is their next move.




“Coming from the recruiting agency side has really helped me see the full picture.” — Jodi Cohen [0:08:23]


“I am still very reluctant to pass on any responsibilities through the hiring process. Anything that’s communication with the candidate, I’m still going to take on, because that ensures that the relationship with the candidate is going to be maintained throughout the process.” — Jodi Cohen [11:04]


“How are you ever going to stay hands on with the trends if you're not in the trenches?” — Jodi Cohen [0:13:30]


“I think a common frustration across the board with recruiting, no matter what the market, is the whole kind of ghosting, non-responsiveness piece.” — Jodi Cohen [0:15:57]


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