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Nov 30, 2022

Joining us in conversation today is a talent leader with 24 years of experience across the financial sector. Tune in to hear Simon Evans share an insider’s perspective on the role of a TA, along with his valuable insights on the importance of getting the onboarding process right. You’ll learn why he believes it is so important for HR managers to work closely with recruitment for a successful employee experience. Simon is at a crossroads in his career and shares his experience of interview processes along with the role of a strong and diverse network in navigating transitional times. Tune in for some fascinating insights from both sides of the recruitment experience today. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Simon’s experience of moving from relationship management in the financial services sector to an in-house TA function.
  • The three aspects that the role of a TA covers.
  • Why it is so important to get the onboarding process right.
  • Why recruitment and HR managers should work collectively.
  • The importance of engagement in creating candidate experience during the interview process.
  • How to keep the candidate engaged during their notice period with sensitivities in mind.
  • An experience Simon had where a candidate was hired and didn’t arrive to his role.
  • Why having a strong and diverse network is so important.
  • What his experience of interview processes has looked like. 
  • The importance of having transparent conversations.
  • What has surprised Simon about his experience on the other side of HR. 
  • The story of an influential relationship Simon built with the HR manager who hired him.




“If you get the onboarding process right, the attrition lowers. Where if you get it wrong, someone would leave within probably six to 12 months of joining that organization. It’s an integral part to get right.” — Simon Evans [0:07:38]


“The importance of a network is huge and networking is so important during positive times but also in rough waters. Make sure that you have a good, diverse network of industry professionals.” — Simon Evans [0:15:31]


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