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Dec 16, 2022


For departments that are supposed to be working in tandem, HR personnel and recruiters are often putting each other down and devaluing the other’s role. Today’s guests have rectified the situation and are showing us exactly how it should be done, with HR and TA working side-by-side to deliver a hit podcast, The Career Saloon. Carla Patton is VP of HR at RAPP, and her twin sister, Camille Tate, is Head of Talent at Strava. The pair give us a breakdown of their podcast and explain why they started it, before detailing exactly how they ended up in their current careers.  We discuss how to turn a bad interview into a valuable one, why it’s vital to be self-aware and own your mistakes, and why personal branding is inherent in every one of us. As Carla and Camille explain why they’ve never switched from HR to TA and vice versa, they give us their take on their least favorite aspects of the opposite department. Carla’s passion for TA is mirrored by Camille’s love for HR and after telling us which type of person is suited for each of their career paths, they explain why recruiters need to up their game and be more deliberate in their approach, and how technological advancements are making people forget about human-centric work departments.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guests, twins Carla Patton and Camille Tate.
  • Our guests break down their podcast, The Career Salon, and explain why they started it. 
  • Why Carla wanted Camille’s blog (which turned into their podcast) to have more HR content.
  • HR versus recruitment: each twin’s journey to their current roles.
  • How to turn around a bad interview.   
  • The importance of taking ownership of your mistakes and being self-aware.
  • Stripping personal branding down to its foundation. 
  • Why they’ve never switched from HR to talent and vice versa.  
  • The aspect of recruitment that Carla likes the least. 
  • What Camille dislikes most about HR and why she only does the work of her job title.
  • How candidates can read the mood of the recruiter.
  • Why recruiters need to put out the right energy and be deliberate in everything they do. 
  • How technology is making the world forget that HR and recruiting are human-focused. 
  • The circumstances under which Carla believes a person is more suited for HR than recruiting. 
  • When Camille thinks that someone should pursue recruiting instead of HR.



“Like most people in HR, HR chose me; I didn’t choose it.” — @peepcenteredhr [0:07:01]


“People are always watching you. It doesn’t matter if you think they aren’t; they are always watching you. If you don’t think you have a personal brand, you do.” — @camilleRecruits [0:09:53]


“If you make a mistake, own it. Own it, and then rectify it.” — @camilleRecruits [0:14:14]


“I do what works for me. I know myself. I am self-aware.” — @peepcenteredhr [0:25:18]


“The recruiting function is super important because we are like the cheerleaders, the welcome mats for the company. And if your welcome mat is tired, worn out, raggedy, then that’s a disservice, and you shouldn’t be doing that job.” — @camilleRecruits [0:33:40]


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