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Feb 22, 2023

Today, we kick off our coverage from the the floor of Talent Acquisition (TA) Week in sunny San Diego, California. We chat with Matt Rimer, Director of TA at Trinity Health, about some of the biggest hiring challenges currently facing healthcare and why it’s an exciting time to be involved with talent acquisition in healthcare. Matt tells us about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the healthcare industry and the strategies Trinity Health is implementing to attract more healthcare talent, especially nurses. We also discuss the involvement of C-suite executives in these initiatives and the launch of Trinity’s employee referral program, along with Matt’s key insights on the percentage of total hires that should come from referrals. To learn more about healthcare TA, liaising with C-suite executives, and implementing high-level strategies, be sure to tune in today! 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Get to know today’s guest Matt Rimer, Director of Talent Acquisition (TA) at Trinity Health.

  • The topics Matt will cover during his talk at the Talent Acquisition conference in San Diego.

  • Learn about the launch of Trinity’s new employee referral program.

  • An overview of the talent acquisition challenges in healthcare.

  • Trinity’s current focus on growing its nursing talent and attracting new employees.

  • Why referrals play a key role in attracting talent in healthcare.

  • Missing talent in healthcare and the financial pressure it creates.

  • The growing vacancy rates at many healthcare organizations.

  • Why it’s an exciting time to be involved in healthcare TA. 

  • How C-Suite executives are addressing TA challenges.

  • The high-level metrics that C-suite executives are typically interested in.

  • The percentage of total hires that should come from referrals.




“We're acutely focused right now on trying to figure out how to grow our nursing talent, but then more specifically, how to take that Trinity health employment brand into the market, make it a great place to work, and attract folks from our competitors.” — @mattrimer [0:02:17]


“Referrals play a key part for us — engaging our existing talent to help us find the talent that is available out on the market.” — @mattrimer [0:04:52]


“I think it's a good opportunity for talent acquisition professionals. To not only put up the strategy, but then show that they've got the delivery muscle to actually meet the objectives that they're setting out to do.” — @mattrimer [0:08:04]


“If we need to hire nurses right out of school, inexperienced nurses, what are the things that we need to do to actually increase that pipeline?” — @mattrimer [0:08:36]



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