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Mar 14, 2023

We are live at Talent Acquisition Week with another incredible guest, Jacob Rivas. Jacob is a Senior D&I Talent Sourcer and is here to share his knowledge about recruitment with us today. In this episode, you will hear all about his talks at Talent Acquisition Week, the response he is getting, how he got into D&I, what makes him different from other talent recruiters, how he communicates with candidates, and how to approach subject lines. Jacob also explains how things have changed for him since leaving Box. Finally, he shares the most amazing career advice he has ever received with us. So to hear all about D&I recruitment and why you should not be afraid to fail, tune in now!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Welcoming today’s guest, Jacob Rivas. 

  • Jacob tells us about his talks at Talent Acquisition Week and how he felt during them. 

  • What people are asking for from Jacob in terms of training. 

  • How Jacob learned about and became interested in D&I. 

  • Why you have to stand out from the crowd when it comes to engaging with candidates. 

  • How Jacob approaches candidates and why that sets him apart from other talent recruiters. 

  • The importance of asking what a candidate needs before giving them too much information. 

  • How Jacob’s approach changed when he left Vox. 

  • How to handle subject lines when communicating with talent. 

  • Jacob shares the best career advice he’s ever received with us. 




“Diversity is really the new area to go and if you’re intentional, you can make a big impact.” — Jacob Rivas [0:04:27]


“Candidates are people not products.” — Jacob Rivas [0:05:57]


“Fail fast, fail hard, learn from those mistakes, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.” — Jacob Rivas [0:15:31]


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