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Apr 13, 2023

Today, we are joined by the Founder and Managing Director of Quintrix, Krishna Kumar. Investing in early talent is beginning to become more popular in the industry and we discuss whether it’s better to groom in-house talent or source externally, why businesses need to think more about early talent in the long term, why many candidates are falling short of the mark, and how companies can better support their new recruits. We also examine Krishna’s game-changing post-deployment framework, before he tells us why he’ll always live life by one particular quote from Bill Gates.  


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing the Founder and Managing Director of Quintrix Solutions, Krishna Kumar. 

  • The content that Krishna is enjoying at Talent Acquisition Week. 

  • How investing in early talent is gaining more traction in the industry. 

  • What Quintrix Solutions does as a company. 

  • Whether it makes more sense to groom in-house talent or source externally.

  • How a business’s short-term goals may negatively impact its early talent strategy.

  • Krishna’s background and why he chose his current line of work. 

  • The gaps and discrepancies he sees in the experience and skills of candidates.    

  • Looking at the support (or lack thereof) that new employees have in the workplace. 

  • Krishna’s post-deployment framework, and why it’s bound to be a game changer. 

  • Assessing who’s to blame for a lack of proactivity in the workplace. 

  • How to integrate the skill of successfully navigating the workplace into candidate training.

  • The best advice Krishna has ever received: a quote from Bill Gates. 




“It’s really exciting. I’m seeing a lot more attention [being paid] to diversity and early talent. We’ve never seen this level of interest in these topics in the past, so I’m super pumped about that.” — @candid_krishna [0:01:23]


“This conference is so exciting because people are now truly starting to think about talent from a long-term, pipeline-building perspective versus a just-in-time, instant-gratification mindset.” — @candid_krishna [0:06:34]


“Career development, or lack thereof, is the number one reason for people to leave their jobs and explore other opportunities. So, you want to make sure that the candidates are constantly receiving the support, feedback, and career development to be successful.” — @candid_krishna [0:11:20]


“This post-deployment framework, which I think is very unique to this industry, is going to be a game changer.” — @candid_krishna [0:12:29]


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