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Mar 28, 2023

Speaking live with us on the floor of TA Week Conference is Dana Atherton, the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Jamf; a company that has set the standard for managing and securing Apple at businesses, schools, and government organizations through its unique software. Dana has a range of experience in human resources, having worked across various sectors such as tech, marketing, retail, and healthcare industries. She combines her knowledge of global recruitment with a deep understanding to cultivate trusted relationships with strategic partners. In our conversation, we unpack what it means to be a true leader, what employees expect in the current climate, and how to remain positive during difficult times. Hear about her overall conference experience, the ultimate question to ask in an interview, breaking down biases in recruitment, the true definition of a hands-on leader, and much more.  

Key Points From This Episode:


  • We start by finding out what Dana enjoyed most about the conference.

  • The best ice-breaker question she has ever heard.

  • Her approach to cultivating personal affirmation.

  • Dana recommends a book to help you stay positive.

  • How to get to know somebody without knowing anything about them.

  • Why honesty and integrity are essential during an interview.

  • She shares her experience working at Jamf.

  • The core values at Jamf that attracted Dana to work for the company

  • Learn about her approach to leading a team and communication.

  • Common challenges that she has seen across sectors and businesses. 

  • Hear the best career advice that Dana has received.




“One of the most important things [we have learned] since the pandemic is leading with vulnerability.” — Dana Atherton [0:07:50]


“I am the type of leader that is ever going to ask somebody to do something that I am not afraid to do myself too.” — Dana Atherton [0:09:44]


“Always keep in mind why you do what you do, and that will propel you and drive you towards your passions.” — Dana Atherton [0:17:31]

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