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Aug 12, 2022

Joining us today is the SVP of HR and Talent Acquisition at MGAC, Stephanie Cramer.  MGAC has recently branched out to the UK and our guest speaks about taking stock of talent within a global organization, how to formulate a practical action plan after a major acquisition, and the details of her particular approach to the tech stack. It is important to advertise the company culture from the perspectives of current employees and Stephanie gives examples of how she accomplishes this through in-house recruitment videos.  You’ll learn of the difficult questions she receives from candidates, before giving her opinions on a real experience that rob had on LinkedIn. After debating whether salary information should be available to candidates upfront, we take a closer look at a member of Stephanie’s team who made an extremely successful transition from admin to talent! Stephanie has an abundance of advice to give and if you’ve been looking for answers regarding all things HR and TA, tune in now!      


Key Points From This Episode:


  • How our guest, Stephanie Cramer, took an accidental midday sabbatical, which ultimately helped her mental health. 
  • A brief discussion on the movie The Gray Man.
  • Stephanie breaks down what MGAC do as a company, 
  • What her role entails, and how she ended up working there. 
  • How she takes stock of the talent situation in a global organization. 
  • Formulating a practical action plan after a big acquisition. 
  • The specifications of her approach to the tech stack.
  • Why it’s necessary to advertise company culture from the perspective of the current employees.  
  • How Stephanie ended up choosing Comparably for her company. 
  • What she would ask and say to employees, as a director, when filming promo videos. 
  • The tough questions that candidates ask in an interview that may be difficult to answer.
  • Rob shares a real experience he had on LinkedIn and Stephanie gives her thoughts on it.  
  • Taking a closer look at whether salary information should be available to candidates upfront. 
  • The hires our guest is currently making and the growth of her team. 
  • An MGAC staff member, based in LA, who successfully transitioned from admin to talent. 
  • Recruiting from the perspective of what makes the candidate happy.
  • Stephanie’s advice to those who are looking to follow a similar career path to hers.  




“I firmly believe that when you lead a people function, it’s all about connecting with the people.” — Stephanie Cramer [0:05:01]


“I can speak ‘till I’m blue in the face about what it means to be an MGAC employee, but nothing is going to be better than actually listening to a firsthand account.” — Stephanie Cramer [0:08:17]


“When my team starts talking to people, right off the bat, we try and answer those questions. But being able to provide any sort of transparency around [salary] is going to help us too.” — Stephanie Cramer [0:13:33]


“Being able to have an HR presence, even if it is in recruiting and talent acquisition, was very beneficial.” — Stephanie Cramer [0:20:45]


“One is slow down and the other is stop listening to the imposter syndrome. Believe in yourself.” — Stephanie Cramer [0:26:27]


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