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Nov 16, 2022

Jen Tracy is the VP of Talent Attraction and Acquisition at Spectrum and she is here to tell us how she ended up becoming the leader of almost 100,000 dedicated workers. Our guest breaks down the importance of an employer value proposition, why it makes sense to invest in an employment brand, why changing her company’s applicant tracking system was worth the headache, and how she manages to accurately place candidates when there are over 5,000 different job descriptions within her company. After telling us the similarities between her internal and external recruitment processes, Jen gives us some valuable advice on what you can do to be the success story you’re destined to be!    


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing Jen Tracy, VP of Talent Attraction and Acquisition at Spectrum.
  • What Spectrum as a company is all about. 
  • Jen explains her role at Spectrum. 
  • How she ended up at Spectrum, leading 93 000 employees. 
  • The reason she chose to gain experience by working in different industries. 
  • Why she decided to stay in talent and forge a career in it. 
  • The challenges she faces having to deal 93 000 employees. 
  • How she gathers information from employees on such a large scale. 
  • The importance of an employer value proposition. 
  • Why it always makes sense to invest in an employment brand. 
  • The large campaigns that Jen is busy working on.
  • Whether changing their applicant tracking system was worth the headache.  
  • Jen’s definition of boundary systems. 
  • How she assesses HR technology and ensures that she’s found the right vendors.
  • Why getting a new ATS is all-or-nothing and why she felt that it was necessary.
  • How she manages to find the right roles for people with over 5000 different job descriptions. 
  • Spectrum’s military association and why it matters. 
  • How her internal recruitment process mirrors the external one. 
  • What Jen has done for her career’s success and what you can do for yours. 




“I find those grassroots ‘pull-up-your-bootstraps’ stories really compelling because I really do believe that if you want to do anything at all, you can just invest and make that come to life for yourself.” — [0:06:07]


“Whether it’s marketing or whether it’s the technology, you're never done. You still have to constantly be out in the marketplace listening to what is new and next to see where you might be able to fill in gaps or improve processes for your organization.” — [0:15:35]


“Everything we do in today’s world is done on an app, right? So it’s really not that foreign to me to think that when we get 10 years, 20 years down the road, that the consumer and the recruiting brands will eventually have to come together under one app.” —  [0:21:56]


“Out of our employee base, one in ten of our workforce has a military affiliation. We have one of the highest workforce representations of veterans in our company and we’re quite proud of that.” — [0:26:18]


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