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Jan 26, 2022

Today we're diving into the prioritization of chasing happiness with the Global Head of Talent Acquisition over at Shutterstock, Valerie Vadala. Hear about Valerie's career journey from law school to her current position, why introverts make the best recruiters, and the importance of finding a job that fits your personality! You'll learn how Shutterstock is transforming how people make creative content, as well as the ways she is ensuring that their new brand message becomes internally impactful. 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Meet Valerie and learn a little about her life working from home in New York.
  • About Shutterstock's hybrid model and how people feel about returning to the office. 
  • On being a closet introvert and how sometimes you have to fake it 'til you make it. 
  • Hear Valerie's journey from law school to how she wound up at Shutterstock. 
  • A great book recommendation on finding a job that fits your personality.
  • Valerie's natural affinity for recruiting, and that temp staffing is a great stepping stone. 
  • How Shutterstock is transforming into a one-stop content marketplace.
  • How Valerie's approach has shifted as she's moved up the ladder into management.
  • Why she's a Don Draper and happiness is her true north. 
  • Discussing work-life balance, changing roles, and how settling for less isn't an option for her.
  • Some reasons why being a recruiter is the best job in the world. 
  • Valerie tells us about her big project at Shutterstock right now.
  • Talking about the contentious handwritten thank you note, plus a tactic she wants to try!
  • Getting hired in the pandemic, and reflections on why Valerie chose to work there.
  • Ensuring that their new brand message is internally impactful and not just optics. 
  • How to maintain a competitive edge, and knowing when to let go.


“If anybody is looking to break into recruiting, [temp staffing] is a great way to do it because the learning curve is very steep and very brave. You start to assess personality a lot, it’s a very important piece of it if somebody’s going to fit.” — Valerie Vadala [0:07:15] 


“Just to really enjoy the work you do, to feel appreciated and to feel like you want to please these people is huge.” — Valerie Vadala [0:14:05] 


“[An employee has] to like coming in here every day, you have to like the people you work with. You have to have a laugh now and then. Whatever it is that feeds your soul instead of sucks your soul, it has to be part of your brand.” — Valerie Vadala [0:24:31] 


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