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Dec 8, 2023

Creating deep, meaningful relationships is often pushed aside in the world of recruiting but the truth is, these relationships lead to better success in talent acquisition. Today on Talk Talent To Me, the wonderful CEO of Rabble Recruiting, Tammy Dain, joins us to discuss her unique recruitment model. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about how she fell into recruiting, the balance between being ready for a new opportunity and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, why Rabble’s approach is so different from other recruitment agencies, and so much more! We even discuss the flexible work trend before delving into Tammy’s other company, Talent Collective. Finally, our guest shares advice for young recruiters.  

Key Points From This Episode:


  • Welcoming a phenomenal guest, Tammy Dain.

  • Tammy tells us about her background and how she started Rabble Recruiting. 

  • The importance of giving your team opportunities just before they’re ready for them. 

  • Tammy tells us all about her Rabble Recruiting model and approach. 

  • Why Tammy believes that the flexible work trend is going to grow exponentially. 

  • What makes Tammy’s Rabble offering so different from others of its kind. 

  • The kinds of people that will thrive in Rabble’s model.

  • Tammy tells us a little bit about Talent Collective and what their goals are. 

  • Our guest shares some advice for young recruiters about breaking out of their comfort zones. 




“You’ve got to know enough, but you obviously have to have room to grow too.” — Tammy Dain [0:09:41]


“I think, more often than not, the embedded approach to delivering recruiting services in HR is so much more effective.” — Tammy Dain [0:12:19]


“Continuous connection and learning is what fosters and creates really deep relationships!” — Tammy Dain [0:32:40]


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