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May 10, 2022

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We are so excited to welcome the Senior Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at PepsiCo, Blair Bennett. Blair shares her background in politics & executive recruiting, and how her career prepared her to lead the talent function at PepsiCo. You’ll also hear about diversity goals within leadership at PepsiCo, and the strategies the team has implemented in order to achieve them. We talk priorities, and chat about Blair’s day-to-day life at PepsiCo, with a focus on her amazing team, partnerships, and leadership. Blair believes that there is no better career than talent acquisition. Tune in today to hear why. 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Welcome to today’s guest, Blair Bennett.
  • Her career background, getting her start in politics, with a common theme of networking.
  • The story of how she came to work for Korn Ferry and met her husband there.
  • Her move to Arkansas following her husband’s transfer to Walmart.
  • Why having curiosity is such a powerful motivation to learn new things.
  • How everything they do is driving a bigger function than just filling roles.
  • The responsibility she feels to bring what is happening in the company to her team. 
  • Diversity goals in recruitment leadership and inclusive culture.
  • Strategies they have adopted to reach those goals including partnering internally with our employee resource groups.
  • Priority and focus within Talent Acquisition at PepsiCo including, and prioritizing diversity.
  • The broader responsibility that guides how she goes about each day.
  • How her team is structured and how she has made diversity a priority within that structure. 
  • Partnerships and collaboration at PepsiCo.


  • Why Blair believes that there is no better career than talent acquisition.





“I fell in love with the executive recruiting and at Korn Ferry, and I met my future husband, so I found two loves out of the deal.” — @searchblair [0:06:12]


“I'm constantly learning. I learn something new every day, whether it's something about the business, or something about talent, or something about another company, or something about an industry. Keeping that sense of curiosity is something that has been very important to me.” — @searchblair [0:10:30]


“Because I'm somebody who likes to learn and, because I'm somebody who continues to have a curiosity about what's happening in our industry, I try to find ways to bring that to the teams as well. I hope that people get some takeaways from it that they may not otherwise get in their day-to-day experiences.” — @searchblair [0:14:22]

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