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Oct 12, 2023

Joining us today is the wonderful founder of People Power AI, Theresa Fesinstine. You’ll hear about Theresa’s career, how she became interested in AI, where we are in AI development in the HR space, Theresa’s tools for AI learning, and a few ways HR employees can make use of AI. This is a ‘breakthrough’ episode that simplifies the nuanced and complex issues within HR so to hear all this and be inspired to advocate for yourself and your talents, press play now!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • A warm welcome to today’s guest, Theresa Fesinstine. 

  • How turning notifications off has improved Theresa’s mental health. 

  • A brief overview of Theresa’s background and career. 

  • What fueled Theresa’s passion for AI and where we are in AI in the HR space. 

  • Why AI hasn’t been a priority in this industry until recently. 

  • Why HR should have a voice in the board room and feel confident enough to use it.

  • The kinds of tools and training Theresa offers to assist in AI learning. 

  • The importance of advocating for your own ‘seat at the table,’ especially as a woman.

  • A quickfire list of ways recruiters/HR employees can leverage AI to do their jobs even better. 




“I’ve spent this past year working to educate myself and to educate others on the benefits and power that AI has for the future of business.” — Theresa Fesinstine [0:12:19]


“To me, HR is the only team [and leader] in the organization that really understands what [every] other department functionally is working through, their challenges [and it’s] like the central post of what’s happening within a company.” — Theresa Fesinstine [0:17:01]


“HR leaders – should feel more empowered than ever to talk about what is happening within our organizations.” — Theresa Fesinstine [0:17:30]


“I think HR is the right [department] to lead the charge with AI integration.” — Theresa Fesinstine [0:19:14]


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