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Jan 18, 2024

In talent acquisition, future-proofing is as important as focusing on the present! Today on Talk Talent To Me, Ali Bebo of Pearson joins us to discuss her many years of recruitment experience. You’ll hear about how she went from retail to being senior CHRO at Pearson, how talent acquisition has changed since she got started, the role of AI in the industry, the importance of upscaling your talent, and why managers should avoid being passive in team building for the future. Ali thinks talent recruitment is much like coaching a sports team and in this episode, she explains how the two jobs are similar. We also discuss her experience in helping her company hire a new CEO before she leaves us with some incredible advice about knowing your superpower.

Key Points From This Episode:


  • An introduction to today’s guest, Allison (Ali) Bebo.

  • Ali shares her version of New Year’s resolutions and why she isn’t a list-maker. 

  • How Ali wound up in her role as senior CHRO at Pearson after working in retail. 

  • Ali’s views on how talent acquisition has changed over the years. 

  • She tells us what Pearson does and how AI is affecting their work. 

  • How they upscale their talent and educate others outside the company to do the same. 

  • Why managers should be proactive in building up their teams now and for the future. 

  • The parallels we can draw between sports and talent acquisition. 

  • Ali tells us about the process of helping Pearson hire a new CEO. 

  • Some parting advice for anyone wanting to level up in their careers. 




“What can you do better than 10,000 people? – Once you can really answer that question, then you find roles and – opportunities where there’s less friction. – Because when you’re in a role that you’re able to use your best strengths and get to do what you do best every day, then frankly, performance happens.” — Ali Bebo 


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