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Jul 29, 2022

Director of Talent Acquisition at Oshkosh Corporation, DJ Braemer gives us a rundown of the good work that Oshkosh does and how he ended up in his current role. Working in the agency setup gave our guest invaluable experience, but he also reveals why he would never go back. You’ll learn about why he chose to go into management, how he discovered his leadership skills through sport, whether he misses the hustle and bustle of recruiting, and why his time in the dark side of HR was a major moment in his career. DJ believes that Oshkosh is an industry leader in diversity hiring and he tells us all about his company’s willingness to provide flexible job opportunities. Do you think that the hybrid module of talent acquisition is one we should aspire to? Find out what DJ Braener thinks by tuning into this episode!  


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing today’s guest, DJ Braemer, and ascertaining his current headspace. 
  • DJ’s professional background, how he ended up at Oshkosh, and what his role entails. 
  • Why he would never go back to an agency setup. 
  • What made our guest want to pursue a role in management.
  • Learning about leadership through sports. 
  • Whether DJ misses the hustle of actual recruiting. 
  • The medium long-term projects and big campaigns that he is currently working on.
  • Why Oshkosh are champions of diversity hiring: walking the walk. 
  • An explanation of his time in the dark side of HR. 
  • How to bridge the gap between being the leader and requiring more industry knowledge. 
  • Deciding if HR is a necessary stop on the way to higher leadership levels in the talent space.
  • Oshkosh’s ability to provide flexible opportunities. 
  • TA as a necessary leadership role in today’s market. 
  • How DJ’s company is able to contribute talent in meaningful ways to each different team/brand. 
  • Choosing the hybrid model of TA and the circumstances under which it should be used. 
  • Our guest’s advice to prospective employees: work hard, put in the time, and find a company that promotes from within. 




“I would never go back and start my career in a different place. I just got so much good experience from that.” — DJ Braemer [0:04:31]



“The first one is around diversity hiring. This continues to be a major topic, for good reason. I’m proud of Oshkosh because we’re really walking the walk.” — DJ Braemer [0:10:05]


“I had never led any type of core HR team or work before. I grew as a leader because it was the first time I had to lead work that I had never done myself. That was a really big moment in my career.” — DJ Braemer [0:14:34]


“It is surrounding yourself with the people that do know. It is asking a lot of questions. It is admitting to not knowing the answer all the time, and just being humble.” — DJ Braemer [0:16:15]


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