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Jun 29, 2022

Today on Talk Talent To Me, we are joined by the founder of Metaview, Siadhal Magos. Metaview trains their clients to become better interviewers through providing transcripts of the interviews and giving feedback on their skills. Tuning in, you’ll hear some examples of the feedback they will give, their ‘gold standard’ of interviewing, why the average employee is not very good at conducting interviews, and how Metaview helps their clients identify their best interviewers and use them as an example for other employees. We also discuss some unique ways clients have used Metaview’s tools and why the highest performing employees aren’t always the best interviewers. Next, look into why employees should run the same interview and how to prevent burnout. Lastly, Siadhal gives us some tips on what leaders can do to improve their interviewing process. Join us to find out more!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing today’s guest, Siadhal Magos. 
  • Siadhal explains what Metaview does. 
  • Some examples of the feedback the company will give clients. 
  • Metaview’s ‘gold standard’ of interviewing. 
  • Why the average employee is most likely not good at conducting interviews. 
  • How Metaview’s clients identify their good interviewers and how the company assists them. 
  • Who Metaview aims their training at; the interviewer. 
  • How customers have used Metaview’s tool in a way Siadhal didn’t expect them to. 
  • How people are finding that their highest performing employees aren’t necessarily their best interviewers.
  • Why employees shouldn’t run too many interviews as it risks burnout. 
  • Why interviewing for one specific role increases efficiency over interviewing for many different roles. 
  • What leaders can do to ensure that their companies are conducting good quality interviews. 




“What we don’t want is for everyone who adopts Metaview to end up interviewing exactly the same. What you want people to do is use this ability - to coach more of their interviewers to be - what they consider their best interviewers.” — @smagos [0:08:59]


“We’re staunch believers in the power of the data within interviews.” — @smagos [0:15:31]


“We are just trying to augment people’s ability to run great interviews and make great decisions.” — @smagos [0:16:23]


“The most important thing as an interviewer - is to understand the competencies you want to know about by the time you leave that interview.” — @smagos [0:25:23]


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