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Dec 8, 2021

Joining us today is Nick Cromydas, CEO of HR tech company, Hunt Club. Nick offers insight on the HR Tech industry as a whole, where talent lies in the priority list of most companies, and how he would think about offering a recruiting skillset to the market in an ever changing world.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Nick Cromydas shares his background and oddly non-linear path to HR tech.
  • The insights that led to the creation of Hunt Club.
  • How Hunt Club differs from the standard agency or RPO model.
  • The power of a trusted introduction.
  • What’s causing CEOs and investors to realize the value in investing in HR tech and talent leaders.
  • Nick predicts that the great people officers of today will be the CEOs of tomorrow.
  • Why there has been a change in behavior and the importance of talent is being recognized.
  • What has caused the talent pool to thin out.
  • The growing trend of remote work and contract work and how it’s predicted to alter behaviors.
  • Examples of successful serial entrepreneurs joining companies not out of necessity, but because they believe in the mission of the business.
  • How the shifting need for talent and approach to finding talent will affect recruiters.
  • The benefits of working with one team rather than working alone on multiple contract gigs. 
  • What makes a great recruiter and how recruiters should adapt in the new remote work era.
  • The long-term vision for Hunt Club.
  • The impossibility of automating human interaction and trusted relationships.
  • The value of network and relationships as part of the recruiting skillset.
  • How to identify your personal commodities.
  • Using the centralized recruitment model in an increasingly decentralized world.  



“By decentralizing the network and decoupling it from just one recruiter when you’re working with a traditional firm to a network of leaders across the country, you get amazing talent with a trusted introduction.” — @NickCromydas [0:07:24]


“In a universe where you can hire anyone anywhere and not just the person in your backyard, the only way that you’re actually going to get them to acknowledge something in your inbox or in your LinkedIn, is through a trusted introduction.” — @NickCromydas [0:07:37]


“Every company will be a tech company down the road in some form or fashion and it’s what’s making the market really challenging right now, given the limited amount of opportunities and the large amount of companies hiring and limited amount of candidates.” — @NickCromydas [0:13:53]


“I think there is always going to be a time and place for where being a part of one team is more exciting than working on your own in multiple gigs.” — @NickCromydas [0:22:04]

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