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Jan 29, 2024

The last year has been tough on all fronts when it comes to tech recruiting and hiring. Joining me on the show today is a returning champion and CEO of Hired, Josh Brenner.  He’s here with me today to talk about what’s predicted for hiring in 2024 and to discuss the report released by Hired called, ‘The Future of Tech Hiring: 8 Bold Predictions for 2024.’ Our conversation starts with a quick general overview of how things are going at Hired and Josh shares his thoughts on tech hiring and AI. We dive into some of the key points highlighted in the report including the predicted hiring resurgence in 2024, going back to a job that laid you off, and delve into a discussion on the raging debate between remote, hybrid, and in-office working. 

Key Points From This Episode:


  • A general outlook and how things are going at Hired.

  • His thoughts on tech hiring and AI. 

  • Why he thinks there will be a resurgence in hiring in 2024; and clarifies what he means by resurgence.

  • He highlights different categories of companies that are seemingly ready to start rehiring. 

  • Boomerang employees and going back to a job that laid you off.

  • We discuss the poor manner of handling layoffs over the past year and a half: you reap what you sow.

  • The raging debate of remote working versus hybrid working versus in-office working.



“I think, over the next year or two, [AI] has the real opportunity to not only redefine how people are hired and find their jobs, all the way to how people do their jobs. It’s a pretty exciting time to be in this space!” —  [0:04:44]


“I don’t know the reason, or I don’t know the root of why it went down this way, but the layoffs were handled a lot poorer in this past and a half than I have seen in the history of my career.” — [0:14:55]


“I’m a firm believer if you are operating in a remote capacity, the value of getting people together, the team together, whether that is only once a year or multiple times a year, it obviously depends, but there is a lot of value in building that trust in person.” —  [0:17:55]


“Companies that have the best teams are the most successful, and you, as the talent professional, are the ones that are helping companies build those best-in-class teams.” — [0:22:21]


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