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Dec 14, 2023

Collin discusses redefining traditional HR approaches and his focus on practical, hands-on training. Collin boasts a wealth of experience as an HR and organizational development expert, with a track record marked by successful talent management and impactful operational enhancements. Heyday stands at the forefront of skincare, dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by offering a unique blend of personalized facial treatments and invaluable skincare advice curated by a team of seasoned estheticians. In today’s conversation with Collin, you will hear about his unconventional path to his current role, the unique qualities that he brings to HR, his various responsibilities at Heyday, and the value of pre-training. He explains his innovative approach to acquiring top talent, creating effective training content, and how he handles large amounts of applications. Collin also shares his advice for creating effective recruitment funnels and what HR should be doing differently. Tune in to discover new approaches to recruitment with Collin Russell!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Collin’s background and career journey into his current role.

  • Ways that he has helped Heyday grow since joining.

  • How development goals differ between retail and corporate.

  • A look at Colin’s approach to delivering hands-on training content.

  • Insights into creating an effective recruitment funnel.

  • Steps for identifying weak points in the recruitment and training processes.

  • Measuring the success of the systems Collin implemented.

  • Addressing recruitment issues through innovative methods.

  • The challenges and opportunities of leveraging remote workers.

  • Heyday’s approach to processing large amounts of applications.

  • Providing guardrails for people to make mistakes and learn from them.

  • Exploring Collin’s opinion on the future of the HR landscape.




“Having a good team and the right mission behind you helps fuel that [passion].” — Collin Russell [0:05:47]


“If you hire great people but you don’t give them the right training to be successful in their roles, then they are eventually going to leave or become disengaged.” — Collin Russell [0:11:49]


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