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May 25, 2023

 In this episode, Shally tells us about his new position at LTK, how it’s changed the way he looks at money, why we need to try to find talent-sourcing tools other than LinkedIn, the importance of balancing application friction, and how to optimize the applications coming in (especially when it’s free to apply). He explains why he sees the set-up of an interview to be the first marker of recruitment success, even if the interview never even takes place before he delves into the vast multitude of components that go into hiring. Finally, he tells us how he measures the success of recruitment and why it’s not only based on the number of hires.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome to today’s guest, Shally Steckerl.

  • Shally’s role at LTK, how he would up there, and how it differs from his previous roles.

  • The lessons he’s learned in his new role at LTK and why he sees money in differently now. 

  • Shally explains the challenges with LinkedIn when it comes to recruitment at the moment.

  • The balance we have to achieve in friction for job applications and when to reduce it.

  • How to talk someone out of applying to a job they’re not fit for when the application is free. 

  • Why he thinks the applicant tracking system is inadequate.

  • Shally tells us what a positive indicator of recruitment quality is: an interview being set up.

  • How recruiters can contribute to the interview process, even in the smallest way. 

  • The components responsible for hire and how much responsibility the recruiter takes. 

  • Why measuring the success of recruitment only on the number of hires is futile.




“As a recruiter, day-to-day, you want all the money to spend on all the tools because you don’t know what’s going to work.” — @shally [0:15:43]


“You want to reduce friction so that you’re not making it inordinately awkward and difficult to apply but you also don’t want to reduce friction to a point where people can indiscriminately apply. There’s that fine balance.” — @shally [0:16:46]


“You can’t affect the interview-to-offer ratio when people are for three times what you’re willing to pay.” — @shally [0:30:23]


“I think measuring a recruiting team based on number of hires is absolutely ridiculous.” — @shally [0:31:40]


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