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Nov 21, 2022


Manager of Candidate Experience is a title we have never heard before on this show! Today’s guest, Rebecca Gonzalez from FullStory, is here to tell us how she came to hold such a unique, modern, and candidate-friendly crown. FullStory’s focus is digital-experience intelligence but before Rebecca came into her current role, work needed to be done to enhance FullStory’s candidate experience. Our guest tells us how adding her own personality helped to improve her company’s candidate communications, before explaining what “bionics” means in relation to her company’s values. We learn of the unexpected twists and turns during her professional journey, what she considers to be a successful candidate experience, why rejection communications should also be high-priority, and why, when prompted, she will always give rejected candidates succinct feedback.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • As we welcome FullStory’s Rebecca Gonzalez to the show, we learn all about her pink mic.
  • What FullStory as a company is all about. 
  • Rebecca’s professional journey. 
  • How she ended up with the unique job title of Manager of Candidate Experience. 
  • The things that were missing from her company’s job postings and outreach emails.
  • How she added her own personality to improve candidate communications. 
  • What “bionics” means in relation to her company values. 
  • When she realized that her current role was possible while she was a recruiting coordinator.  
  • Unexpected turns in her journey of becoming MCE.
  • How Rebecca measures the success of her goals around candidate experience. 
  • What she would say to people who consider rejection emails as low-priority. 
  • How she went about dressing up FullStory’s rejection email. 
  • The way she gives candidates feedback after they’ve been rejected. 
  • Whether it’s possible for rejected candidates to get the job during their feedback session.
  • What Rebecca would say and do if a candidate requested a second shot at their interview. 
  • How she would launch her own candidate experience campaign: a candidate portal.




“We all don’t like doing things that are manual. So when you encounter a process that is not bionic, we work harder to make that easier.” — Rebecca Gonzalez [0:10:11]


“Job hunting is so stressful and the kindest thing that you can do is be clear.” — Rebecca Gonzalez [0:16:51]


“[Recruiting] is a lot like dating, right? You’re on these dating apps and people ghost you and it’s rude, but you never know when you bump into somebody or who they might know or if they have a friend. So just keep the door open, always end things on a good note.” — Rebecca Gonzalez [0:17:53]


“It is not always just about getting a job, sometimes you learn something about yourself.” — Rebecca Gonzalez [0:24:58]


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