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Nov 28, 2022

Vadim Liberman, editor at ERE, shares some of the most insightful highlights from ERE's recent publications as well as featured speakers from ERE & SourceCon conferences. Vadim explains what the most exciting pitches he hears have in common, and what he wants to see the recruiting space cover in more detail.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Vadim gives some broad information about ERE and the brands that fall under the umbrella. 
  • Reflections on ERE's most recent conference in Atlanta.
  • The rising trend towards finding roles that better fit each individual. 
  • Standout elements of the recruiting landscape right now; Vadim's perspective.  
  • Investigating the grey and examples of why nuance is important in the talent field.  
  • Weighing the usefulness of using quality-of-hire as a metric. 
  • Vadim's thoughts on the hiring ideas that have been overused at this point 
  • Why the data and methodology are important to back up findings and big claims.  
  • Elevating the dialogue around candidate experience beyond the basics. 
  • Bridging the gap between conference content and the reality for recruiting professionals. 
  • Vadim's opinion about the topics in the recruiting space that deserve more attention. 




“I think that any time something still feels new, there’s going to be resistance to it. So when talent leaders are committed to doing it the old or traditional ways, that’s just general resistance to change.” — @VadimsViews [0:08:45]


“The other elephant in the room is that when you have a good employee on your team, as a manager, you don’t necessarily want to lose them.” — @VadimsViews [0:10:03]


“I like anything that feels different, that feels contrarian, that piggybacks off of current news.” — @VadimsViews [0:11:08]


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