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Aug 17, 2022


Today, we welcome Dom Farnan back to the podcast! She is the Founder and Chief Conscious Connector at DotConnect.  Dom begins by giving us a rundown of who DotConnect is as a company and a breakdown of some of their recent projects. Then, she opens up about the introspection that led to her discovering that she’d been a toxic boss. That leads to Dom describing how she knew that she needed to shift her focus, how her personal development coach made her focus on the right things, and how her personal growth led to positive organizational changes at work, creating a healthier work culture. We find out why performance-based values alone are not enough for DotConnect, what the company’s core values are, how our guest ensures that the company values and the work being done are interconnected, and the type of responsibilities that she places on her team leaders’ shoulders. The change in values altered the way that Dom and DotConnect do business and she stresses the importance of only saying yes to healthy business propositions. In this information-packed episode, you’ll learn how DotConnect differs from other RPOs, what scrum methodology is and how it applies to the talent space, and how Dom and her company made some changes after retrospective sessions with clients. 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • A warm welcome to our returning guest and friend of the podcast, Dom Farnan. 
  • Who DotConnect is as a business and what they’ve been working on recently. 
  • When Dom shifted her focus and how she knew that it was the right time. 
  • What her personal coach directed her to focus on: herself.
  • Creating awareness around a toxic work culture and developing a healthier one. 
  • How she was able to introspect and find clarity on her toxic behaviors as a boss.
  • The organizational changes at work as a result of her personal triumphs. 
  • Why performance-based values were not enough for Dom and her company. 
  • How Dom ensures that the company’s core values and the actual work being done are interconnected.  
  • How the change in values has altered the way she chooses business partners. 
  • The specifics of how DotConnect is different from other RPOs.
  • What ‘scrum’ looks like when applied to the talent space. 
  • An example of something Dom stopped doing after a retrospective session with a client. 
  • Why some recruiters lose their love for caring for and wanting to help people. 
  • How to regain a lost passion: go back to what brings you joy! 
  • Identifying the negative aspects of your job and calling them out.




“We look at ourselves as conscious connectors who are excited to help build companies, through building meaningful relationships and actually making hiring enjoyable..” — Dom Farnan [0:02:54]


“It's been a couple of years of personal self-development work, but that inner work and healing has really transformed my business.” — Dom Farnan [0:04:12]


“It's really hard to just have a set of values that's all about numbers, metrics, and performance when we have emotions, and we are highly irrational human beings in our human experience, and everybody has different things going on in their lives that impacts their ability to perform.” — Dom Farnan [0:10:24]


A lot of our work still comes from my personal network of when I was recruiting. I actually love that, because we walk in and we have this solid level of trust and understanding with each other. We almost skipped to the really good part of a relationship.” — Dom Farnan [0:15:08]


“Care and consideration. Literally, care and consideration. That's it. When they would ask me, ‘How do you have all these clients?’ or ‘Where are you getting all this work?’ I'm like, ‘I don't know. It's magic. I guess I just care.’” — Dom Farnan [0:23:25]


“Whatever the situation is, it's always someone else's stuff. It's never your own stuff. All you can control is your response and your energy, not everybody else’s. I think once you have that shift, recruiting is not that bad.” — Dom Farnan [0:27:02]


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