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Sep 29, 2022

As the Director of Talent Acquisition at HealthTrackRx, Clarisce takes joy in connecting the brand and its core values to the organization and its people, while also attracting fresh talent to come in and be in alignment with those values. In today’s episode, you’ll learn more about how she does this by providing her organization with the best possible resources in order to help fuel development and personal growth, rather than simply checking the boxes. We have a truly eye-opening conversation about detoxing from destructive corporate cultures and distinguishing between good people leaders and people who are good at their jobs. Clarisce also shares some actionable advice for challenging misplaced expectations when it comes to bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to the C-suite, and how to do so in a meaningful way. 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • A look at Clarisce’s rapid career trajectory and how she ended up in her current role.
  • What Clarisce means when she says that recruiting is the fun side of HR.
  • How she believes recruiting has ‘rebranded’ and evolved.
  • The tangible impact that recruiters have on an organization and its people.
  • What Clarisce misses about “being in the trenches.”
  • Pros of stepping into a leadership position, namely becoming a mentor.
  • Making the most of the opportunity to shape an organization from the inside out.
  • The process of detoxing from destructive corporate cultures.
  • A reminder that people don’t ‘quiet quit’ good jobs at good companies!
  • How talent acquisition bridges the C-suite and marketing departments.
  • Issues that are top of mind for Clarisce as Director of Talent Acquisition.
  • Distinguishing between good people leaders and people who are good at their jobs.
  • Why issues that affect recruitment are also leading indicators for the health of the business.
  • Challenging misplaced expectations when it comes to bringing DEI to the C-suite.
  • Tips and advice for building your organization’s DEI plan.
  • Why the C-suite is terrified of saying the wrong thing!
  • What meaningful DEI actually looks like in an organization.




“I like to say [recruiting] is the fun side of HR. We're not dealing with investigations into people's drama. We're out there connecting the brand and the core values to the organization, to people, and attracting them to come in and be in alignment with that.” — Clarisce Tolston [0:09:20]


“It sits between HR and the C-suite. I feel like that's the sweet spot for talent acquisition. That's where we do our best work.” — Clarisce Tolston [0:11:11]


“If you create the environment where people are ‘quiet quitting’, you need to check your culture, not the people that you want to secretly fire because they're not working on the weekend.” — Clarisce Tolston [0:26:54]


“The people at the top must reflect the health and the body of the organization. That's what DEI [means].” — Clarisce Tolston [0:39:36]


“That's what DEI is. It’s saying, ‘I'm coming to you with a certain need, based on culture, based on religion, based on my background. If you have the ability to accommodate me, you do.’ That’s it.” — Clarisce Tolston [0:48:53]


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