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Dec 17, 2021

 In this episode, Hannah offers key insights into the refreshing way Coda does their recruiting, from the initial call which is more like a pitch that overviews all the different product features, to laying out to the candidate how Coda is differentiated from other players in the productivity space. We dive into why it’s so incredibly beneficial to have a front-loaded approach like this, and the way that Coda gives the candidate a choice. In Hannah’s words “We want you to be thinking as an employee, like an investor.” Hear about her career progression and what the questions and factors were that made her realize she wanted to be a part of the Coda team. Sneak a peek into the company value of right versus familiar, and listen to why we should all become far more literate with equity structure. From the flexibility of bouncing through different departments to some really solid parting advice for anyone looking to move, join me in this lively discussion about changing the way we acquire talent.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Hannah Spiegel; and her multiple roles at Coda.
  • How she likes the flexibility of bouncing around different departments.
  • Being a product of your environment, and the dynamic nature of recruiting. 
  • Hannah shares a little of her career progression and how she ended up at Coda.
  • The three questions she asked herself that proved Coda was the right fit for her. 
  • Trusting her gut instinct, and the drawcard of being part of a strong team.
  • Hear about the first recruiting call at Coda: refreshing, transparent, and product-focused. 
  • The importance of a detailed order of operations for the recruitment process, including who does what.
  • The cutthroat nature of the productivity software, and what differentiates Coda.
  • Hear about the company value of right versus familiar, and giving the candidates a choice.
  • Why their detailed focus on equity is a hugely important part of a compensation package.
  • How everyone should be up-leveling understanding of equity structure.
  • Hannah’s excellent parting advice for anyone looking to move or take on a new role. 



“I think that when you get really deep in recruiting and have a lot of experience, it’s not too hard to actually pivot and move into departments and work on roles that you haven’t worked on before.”— Hannah Spiegel [0:03:02]


“Being able to get deep on a product that you’re recruiting talent for, you need to have a different level of understanding that comes with that firsthand user experience.”— Hannah Spiegel [0:10:43]


“Anything we can do to present Coda differently and to show what we’re doing is important and why we all kind of stand behind our product in this way, is something I think that will be a key differentiator for us too.”— Hannah Spiegel [0:15:45]


“We want you to be thinking as an employee like an investor.”— Hannah Spiegel [0:19:36]


“It’s always been about chasing the maximum opportunity. If you can get a really killer role that’s going to have the highest title at a company that goes nowhere, it doesn’t do anything for you either.”— Hannah Spiegel [0:29:28]


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