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Dec 20, 2023

Ty shares how a non traditional background can help break barriers to creating change in talent acquisition. RSM US LLP the leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services to the middle market. Focusing on careers and culture, Ty orchestrates an environment where individuals thrive, fostering their passions and professional growth while advocating for inclusivity at every level. His approach reflects a blend of professional prowess, a commitment to fostering a vibrant workplace culture, and a zest for life. In our conversation, we discuss Ty's career trajectory, from its origins to his present role, showcasing the distinct ways his prior experiences differ from his current position and how his unique perspective has helped transform the talent experience at the company. We explore how Ty's inexperience proved beneficial, his approach to nurturing talent, embracing innovation for success, the value of curiosity, and much more.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introduction and background about Chief Talent Officer, Ty Beasley.

  • Details about his role and how it differs from his professional experience.

  • His professional career journey to his current role at RSM US LLP.

  • Why he is suitable for the role, despite his non-traditional career path.

  • The unique approach and perspective he brings to the role.

  • How he has helped enhance the talent experience at the company.

  • Discover how his inexperience was beneficial for the role.

  • Barriers to creating change and why embracing innovation is vital. 

  • Ty shares his approach to supporting and developing talent.

  • What personal traits Ty looks for in a potential candidate.




“I have always had a passion for the people side of the business.” — Ty Beasley [0:07:06]

“It is my vision to have a talent function that is more consultative in nature.” — Ty Beasley [0:08:40]


“The ultimate value I bring to the talent organization is not operating in the guts of it. It is leadership.” — Ty Beasley [0:15:28]


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