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Jan 26, 2024

 Jim breaks down Booz Allen’s approach to recruitment and talent development, why hiring tech talent is so competitive, and what they are doing to set themselves apart. We also discuss how they cultivate a culture of continuous learning, their use of data and predictive analytics for workforce planning, their most effective retention strategies, plus a whole lot more. 

Key Points From This Episode:


  • Get to know today’s guest, Strategic Talent Development Leader, Jim Hemgen.

  • An overview of Jim’s career journey and the uniqueness of his current role.

  • Jim’s insights on talent development and recruitment at Booz Allen Hamilton.

  • The company’s evolution over the past decade and its growing focus on technology.

  • What they are doing to attract early-career professionals for tech and management roles.

  • A breakdown of their approach to employee development and getting them client-ready.

  • Their strategies for cultivating a culture of continuous learning.

  • Using data and predictive analytics for workforce planning and future skills needs.

  • A rundown of their retention strategies and why they developed a talent marketplace.

  • Supporting career mobility and why this is essential.

  • Jim’s parting words of advice to those in the talent development space.



“We do the best we can to allow for self-directed learning through our employees. So they have a variety of programs and services available to them that they can tap into. And then we have also targeted upskilling initiatives.” — Jim Hemgen [0:18:13]


“It's a cultural thing where we need to be able to support career mobility.” — Jim Hemgen [0:26:03]


“I highly encourage soliciting a mentor from an outside organization. Find somebody who's in a role you aspire to be in and get engaged in conversations. It goes a long way.” — Jim Hemgen [0:32:24]


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