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Mar 28, 2022

Joining me today is the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Stephanie Browne. Stephanie is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and developing high-performing staff, as well as guiding diversity and inclusion strategies. Unique to Stephanie is her background in technology which has allowed her to streamline and automate processes regarding talent management and acquisition. In today’s episode, we hear about Stephanie’s background and discuss topics such as using technology in talent management processes, and diversity and inclusion goals. We also discuss her two roles in the company, how diversity is a strength, how technology can remove bias, what the pillar strategy is, and so much more.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • A background into Stephanie and her work at Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • How Stephanie’s experience in technology has been benefitted her talent acquisition work.
  • Examples of using technology for automation of talent acquisition processes.
  • The removal of bias when sourcing processes are automated.
  • The importance of sourcing from a wide candidate pool.
  • Stephanie tells us more about her two roles in the company.
  • The Pillar strategy regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion is explained.
  • How building technology and services feed into overall diversity goals.
  • Influence versus accountability regarding diversity and inclusion.
  • Rob and Stephanie discuss the influence of a talent professional within an organization.
  • What Stephanie enjoys most about her job.
  • Highlights of Stephanie’s experiences within talent acquisition.




“Between the sourcing team and the interviewing strategy and the goal for my team to actually bring a diverse candidate pool to the table day one, we were able to begin to move the needle around increasing the diversity of our organization.” — Stephanie Browne [0:08:04]


“You just need to have that candidate pool be very wide and varied so that they can find that fit.” — Stephanie Browne [0:10:46]


“It's good to have different experiences at the table so that we can then, in turn, have a better innovative outcome on how we build those engagements and strategies.” — Stephanie Browne [0:18:33]


“I work with my peers across the organization to help them understand what their organizations look like, what do they need and how experiences can shape the outcomes of the work that they do.” — Stephanie Browne [0:19:46]


“You are very valuable but you’re only as valuable as the relationships and the influence you have in those relationships.” — Stephanie Browne [0:24:40]


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