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Sep 14, 2022

Billd's Head of People Ops, Francisco Michel, discusses the importance of goal setting and KPIs being tailored specifically to each individual employee while keeping the company’s overall goals in mind. Francisco shares his plans to revamp the EMPS survey in the future. Next, Francisco shares his favorite ‘hat’ to wear, how he defines and manages his abundance of responsibilities, and his hopes for the future of Billd. He even delves into how his interview process at the company inspired him to make changes to it when he started, how he selects employees and the importance of having grit. Francisco also shares his belief that a start-up creates opportunities and implores listeners to work for one at least once in their career. So, tune in now to hear more and to find out why “Happy people produce and happy people stay!” 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing today’s guest, Francisco Michel.
  • An overview of Billd and Francisco’s role in the company is. 
  • How much Francisco’s job is changing with his new promotion. 
  • The issues he plans to tackle in the company right now. 
  • How Billd has created KPIs for the company by focusing on the company’s goals. 
  • Francisco shares his KPIs with us based on the different hats he has to wear at work.
  • The one question Billd asks people when it comes to EMPS. 
  • How Francisco manages being the bearer of good or bad news in Billd. 
  • Francisco’s long-term plan to revamp the EMPS survey and make it more robust. 
  • Why every individual person needs different KPIs and how Francisco goes about doing this.
  • Why Francisco pushes employees quite a bit. 
  • Francisco’s favorite part of his job and what he hopes to focus on in the future. 
  • How Francisco defines and manages all of his responsibilities at work.
  • Why working at a start-up presents many opportunities. 
  • How Francisco figures out if someone actually wants to join his company.
  • The importance of finding the right personality to fit within your company. 
  • Why you need grit in Francisco’s industry. 
  • What Francisco’s interview process was like at Billd and how he subsequently changed it. 




“I do think it’s important to make [KPIs] simple but [focus on] what is really going to matter at the end of the day for this individual and what is going to show that they are a good performer.” — Francisco Michel [0:12:48]


“When it comes time to review this person on their performance, how are you going to define what good performance looks like if you don’t have something to measure it off of?” — Francisco Michel [0:14:00]


“At a startup, you really get to learn a lot not only about yourself but a lot about what other departments do, how everything works, how it needs to be built, and how to accept your failures because you don’t know everything and you are trying to build the plane and fly it at the same time.” — Francisco Michel [0:16:22]


“Take a chance on a startup at least once in your career, you’ll learn a lot. Either you’ll learn that startups are not for you or you’ll learn that you can really do more things at a startup and discover new job opportunities.” — Francisco Michel [0:17:32]


“If you can’t take your façade down, you won’t be successful at Billd”. — Francisco Michel [0:21:48]


“Happy people produce and happy people stay.” — Francisco Michel [0:23:30]


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