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Jan 18, 2022

Imposter Syndrome, Remote Hiring, and Cultivating Connections with Tatiyana Cure

Today on Talk Talent to Me, we chat to the formidable Tatiyana Cure who has fearlessly earned her way into the position of Head of Talent Acquisition and Learning at Bank Leumi. In our conversation, we hear about Tatiyana’s inspiring approach to learning and managing imposter syndrome, the benefits of cultivating relationships with mentors, and why you shouldn’t brush over your superfans. Tatiyana shares her secrets to creating time for content creation and book writing above and beyond her demanding day-to-day work life, and talks to us about her most recent publication, Hire to Win. She shares some insights she stumbled upon in the writing process regarding making meaningful connections without the pressure of networking. Finally, Tatiyana shares her opinion on what managers can do to uplevel in the wake of the pandemic and ruminates on the challenges of remote hiring and team building.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tatiyana Cure’s unexpected route to recruitment and how she became Head of Talent Acquisition and Learning at Bank Leumi.
  • How Tatiyana thrives outside of her comfort zone and how she manages imposter syndrome.
  • Tatiyana’s approach to learning; how she views everything as an opportunity to learn.
  • How she initiated the relationship with her principal mentor and what she’s learned from her.
  • The benefits of having mentors and cultivating relationships that are designed to help you excel.
  • The importance of developing and engaging your superfans.
  • How Tatiyana makes time for her extracurricular activities such as writing books and blogging.
  • How she gleans her content from conversations she has in her day-to-day work life.
  • How her mission of discovering new topics without the pressure of networking provides the opportunity for deeper, more meaningful connections.
  • The outcomes she’s observed of publishing her books and being active on LinkedIn, etc.
  • What inspired her to write her book, Hire to Win.
  • How the pandemic affected the hiring industry and how managers can up-level in its wake.
  • The importance of taking the human component of hiring into consideration.
  • The difficulty of remote-hiring and remote team bonding activities.
  • Tatiyana shares an example from Think Again by Adam Grant to demonstrate an alternative way of teaching.
  • Tatiyana urges listeners to go out and do something completely different.




“I think that anything that you go through is meant to teach you something. There’s a lesson in everything.” — @TatiyanaCure [0:09:52]


“Anything that is put in my way, I look at as an opportunity to learn.” — @TatiyanaCure [0:10:50]


“Mentors are going to give you tough feedback because they want to see you grow.” — @TatiyanaCure [0:15:18]


“You would be surprised how many people are willing to have conversations and brainstorm and share ideas when that pressure of networking is removed.” — @TatiyanaCure [0:21:26]


“I think there’s an opportunity within talent strategies, onboarding, team building, training, and so forth where we say, ‘I know this is what we used to do in the past but does this still work? Can we test it in a different way?’” — @TatiyanaCure [0:32:22]


“I urge [people] to go out and do something completely different. Go out and push yourself in a different way so it just shakes up your world a little bit.” — @TatiyanaCure [0:33:56]

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