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Oct 28, 2022

Jennifer Tardy is back to discuss how her company, Jennifer Tardy Consulting, is training recruiters to eradicate historical under-representation. You’ll hear all about our guest: why she started her company, why the company stands out from the rest, and who can make use of their services. We also discuss what companies who seek out Jennifer’s help want to achieve, what Jennifer needs to know about them to assist, how she uses shock value to challenge deep bias, and her philosophy of ‘calling people in.’ Jennifer explains how our bias leads to problematic perceptions of who is qualified and who isn’t qualified and tells us why we need to have a more accurate understanding of what a qualification actually is before explaining under-representation and why it is a huge problem when it comes to diversity. She also explains her company’s term Lived Experience Intelligence and tells us why increasing diversity is a long journey that requires commitment from a company as a whole. So, to hear all about how you can become committed to playing an active role in increasing diversity, join us now!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • An introduction to today’s guest, Jennifer Tardy. 
  • A bit about Jennifer’s background and what led her to start her company.
  • What makes Jennifer Tardy Consulting unique. 
  • What Jennifer wants to learn about the companies she assists with diversity. 
  • What the employers that go to Jennifer for help are actually looking for. 
  • The problems surrounding our biased perception of qualifications. 
  • How Jennifer unpacks peoples’ deep unconscious bias: shock-value. 
  • The importance of ‘cleaning up’ the idea of who is qualified and who isn’t qualified. 
  • The challenges of under-representation and what it is. 
  • Jennifer’s company’s philosophy of ‘calling people in.’
  • The importance of positioning recruiters as a partner. 
  • Why increasing diversity is an ongoing process that is going to take time and teamwork. 
  • The difference between noticing the problem and being committed to making change. 
  • How she would advise people on any resistance they may face from people in senior positions.
  • Jen explains the concept of Lived Experience Intelligence. 
  • Which organizations could make use of Jennifer Tardy Consulting. 




“[Employers are] looking to shift the mindset of the people who are on the front lines of doing this work - so that they're able to identify when bias is presenting itself so that they can mitigate it, dismantle it, remove it so that the most competitive person can get hired.” — @JennTardy [0:06:12]


“The biggest hurdle that we face on the front lines of increasing diversity is our ineffective perception of who is qualified to do the job.” — @JennTardy [0:06:59]


“Diversity includes everyone.” — @JennTardy [0:13:50]


“In order to find the most competitive candidate, we have to remove biases, because that's filtering who can get through, who's seen as competitive to begin with.” — @JennTardy [0:23:17]


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